Welcome to the Cat Fanciers' Association New Bee Program. We've created this program to answer those questions that a new CFA exhibitor has! Perhaps not all of them, but as many as we possibly can.

The program covers a variety of topics - from how to enter a show, how to get both you and your cat ready for the show, special travel considerations, and how to make the show a great experience for you and your cat.

Showing cats isn't just a hobby - it's a mindset and (often) a way of life. Having a positive show experience doesn't just happen; it takes thought, planning, and a lot of consideration. Maintaining a balanced and positve outlook and doing your homework will go a long way in keeping the showhall a fun place to be.

There is also a YahooGroup just for "NewBees" - If you are a new exhibitor, we encourage you to join this group. Here you can ask questions about preparing for shows, what to expect at a show, or situations you may have experienced in the showhall. We have lots of experienced exhibitors in this group to help answer your questions. Plus you'll also meet other new and not-so-new exhibitors and be able to share your experiences with them!

New Bee Program updates and announcements are listed at the program's blog - Hive Activity. CFA exhibitors and clubs are encouraged to check that area for any new information and resources that you or your club can utilize.

Should you experience any problems with the site, please contact the webmaster.